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With headquarters in Prague and showroom in Okrouhlice was founded in 2009 utilizing 22 years of collective experience in all aspects of glasswork business.

Our experience comes from employment by Sklo Bohemia to close cooperation with Rogaska Factory and Bohemia Crystalex Trading. We helped reviving the fame of their products and rebuilding the confidence of customers while transitioning from previously closed Sklo Bohemia to the newly opened Crystalite Bohemia.

Bohemia Treasury offers exceptional product development and production services, utilizing some of the most talented designers in Czech Republic and most modern & technologically advanced production lines. We carry a great line of products that are being sold worldwide.

Furthermore Bohemia Treasury offers exclusivity on selected models in different market zones for protection and higher profitability of our clients. Bohemia Treasury has earned the loyalty of its customers and their continuous business by providing excellent logistics, timely delivery of ordered goods, Quality products with optimal Packaging and competitive prices time & time again.


We are Bohemia

Latin equivalent of Bohemia, originally Boiohaemum is related with powerful Celts people called Bojas. Vladimír Salač (60) is the archaeologist with specialization for Laten times and Older Roma age. Archaeological institute has discovered three original references to the word BOHEMIA. Greek writing Strabón and Latens Velleia Petercula and Tacita as the firsts recorded the words Búiaimon respective Boiohaemum. This happened in the first century after Christ when in the Middle Europe the Germans have already resided.

In all the books is standing now that the name Boiohaemum has been given to Czech by the tribe of Bojas. But the substantial fact has been missed. This word is German origin and originally it sounded Baia-heim. The home of Bojas or the best translation would probably be There where the Bojas live.The real territory of Bojas - Boiohaemum has been located from Würzburg (Bavarian Germany) up to Ostrava city (east of Czech Republic). So this is the original region settled by the Bojas tribe – territory of BOHEMIA today by mistake and ignorance connected only with Czech. (Vladimír Salač, 2017)

Source: Vladimír Salač (60), graduated archaeologist in famous Prague philosophic University UK (1981). Many years primary operating in Prague’s Archaeologist Institute AV CR. Specialized in Celts oppidums and Laten settlement ceramics.


U Dubu 749/76, 147 00 Praha 4 Braník
Czech Republic

Office & showroom:
Okrouhlice 215, 582 31
Czech Republic

+420 736 489 373

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